My favorite Images from 2015

I never make New Year’s resolutions because let’s face it, I never make it past a few weeks 😉 This year I decided to make a list of goals instead; no deadlines and no pressure, just a list of things I would like to accomplish. At the top of my list was to apply for CM Pro, run a 10K, blog more, and have a date with each of my children once a week. Maybe one kid a week would be more realistic… :p
Before I jump into 2016, I’d like to say goodbye to 2015. This was a rocky year for my family. We moved from Texas to Washington in 2014 and it’s been hard to live without our families nearby. I miss going to my parent’s house on the weekends, cooking up a feast with my mom, miss my siblings and I miss play dates at the Austin Zoo with my bestie. But most of all, I just miss the sense of community we left behind. I can’t say it was entirely bad. Some of those things I miss most have helped me grow in new ways. Not having people to run to when I am having a bad day has helped me learn to go deep within myself to find the answers. Not only have I experienced a lot of spiritual growth but also creative growth! I completed my second 365, opened my business, shot 3 births, and I didn’t cry when my baby turned 13! That’s huge! LOL
So farewell 2015, you may have been a hard year but I have some of my favorite images to show for it.

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